Today, Monday, February 22, 2021, Matador Jobs 3.7.1 released with three bugfixes discovered following the release of 3.7.1 last week.

3.7.1 Bugfixes

3.7.0 had two “beta” versions and two “release candidate” pre-release versions distributed to more than ten hand-selected users of Matador Jobs to help us find any outstanding issues prior to final release. Despite that, a few issues slipped by our quality control. Over the first weekend of 3.7.1, two were found and fixed following user feedback:

  • We found a bug that caused applications to sync to Bullhorn slowly. Users who got more than about 72 applications per day (or more than three per hour, on average) would begin to see backlogs build up. We fixed the bug and now Matador should be able to keep up with an exponentially greater volume of applications.
  • The new setting to disable Matador Jobs stylesheets contained a “default” value that was invalid. This meant that our users could accidentally disable Matador stylesheets upon a settings save following a 3.7.0 upgrade. Since a majority of Matador Jobs users rely on our default stylesheets, this caused some display issues on those sites. This has been fixed so it won’t happen in the future.

A third, previously identified lower-priority bug was also fixed during this work, as the settings-related bug fix involved work in the same area of the code.

Update Now!

Matador Jobs 3.7.1 is released for automatic update to all subscribers as of today, Monday, February 22, 2021. If your subscription is expired, renew it on your account page. If you find any issues, please send a support request.