On Thursday, February 18th, 2021, Matador Jobs 3.7.0 will release for auto updates to all active subscriptions. This release contains several new features and bug fixes to improve your job marketing and candidate data collection while also improvements that help ensure greater up time. Keep reading for a tour of some of the new features!

Improvements to “Remote/Work From Home” Marketing

Each major release since 3.5.0 has included improvements to our handling of “Remote” or “Work From Home” roles. With 3.7.0, we provide a handful of expansions or improvement to these features, including:

  1. Enable a new Setting to add a second Location tag called “Remote”. This means in your locations filters or drop-down, “Remote” will become available for users to select.
  2. If you use the Job Information bar, an information bubble will be added for jobs that are remote. This “Remote” bubble will be added between the Location and Job Type.
  3. A new job meta field isRemote can be used by theme developers to highlight remote jobs.
  4. Additional CSS classes are added to remote jobs so theme developers can style them differently in ways that make them stand out.
A Matador Jobs 3.7.0 site with a “Remote/Work From Home” Location

For a full list of Remote/Work From Home job marketing tools, and instructions on how to configure your Bullhorn account so that Matador Jobs can detect your Remote/Work From Home jobs, see our new help document on the topic.

Job Search by ID

While some sites will not prominently display the External ID (Bullhorn ID) of a job, many sites including those that use default layouts show this prominently.

Now you may add a search field to your job search form where users can search only by Job ID. Search results will return only the one job that matches that single ID.

Search form with “Job ID” search box.

This can be helpful for your recruiting staff to easily find a job’s page on the website, like to grab a link for social sharing or to email it to a user, and is also helpful for your users who might take notes of job IDs they want to revisit later.

Job “Age” Field

We added a new job field called “age”, which presents the age of the job using relative, human-friendly terms. Examples include, “5 days ago,” “Yesterday,” “12 hours ago,” and “just now.”

While showing it on your site will require a developer to customize your job info bar or manually include it elsewhere, you can nicely replace a job posted/published date with a relative term that might grab your users attention better.

For example, “Posted: 2/16/2020” might easily be ignored by a user, but “Posted: 2 Hours Ago” could inspire haste because the user feels like they can get ahead of others in this new opportunity.

Updates to Application and Processing

The following updates expand and improve applications and application processing:

  • Improved duplicate prevention. One bug fix and three additions were made to reduce some of the false negatives our users encountered, which should hopefully further reduce duplicates for all users.
  • Added Occupation and Company as available fields to the form for all users.

Increased Frequency of Bullhorn Communications

Matador Jobs will now communicate with Bullhorn once per 10 minutes, but each type of communication is more segmented moving forward. For example, instead of one hourly “sync everything” call, as in 3.6.0, there will be a “sync jobs” call and then ten minutes later a “sync applications” call, etc. The net result is more prompt communications with Bullhorn, broken up into smaller chunks.

Several Maintenance Tools for Admins Added

One of our goals with making Matador Jobs was to simplify the difficult task of communicating with Bullhorn APIs simple. So, as we help it grow, we seek more and more opportunities to add tools and features to further this goal.

  • Added a “Hard Sync” to Matador Settings. This will force all jobs to update, instead of skipping updates if the existing job was not updated or republished in Bullhorn since the last sync. It was previously only a possible to override caching via the single “Sync This Job” button.
  • Added the ability to recount taxonomy terms. This will help admins fix issues where Categories or Locations are not showing properly on the site.
  • Added a button to delete all successfully synced applications (for users who do not have this done automatically).
  • Added four automatic routines that Matador will run from once per load to once per day to monitor the health of the website and the Matador Jobs connection. If these routines find a problem, one or the following things may occur: automatic maintenance, on-screen notices, and/or alert emails.
  • You may now define your Bullhorn credentials in WordPress configuration files, hiding these sensitive details and improving your overall security.

Simplified Extension Development

While this won’t be exciting to most of our users, we also did substantial work improving the tools that we use to develop Matador Jobs Extensions. These will help developers more quickly and efficiently build extensions to add features to the Matador Jobs.

These updates enabled the Matador Software team to prepare the release of two new All-Access Extensions that are releasing alongside 3.7.0, with two more coming in the following weeks.

These two new extensions are available for download to subscribers of an All-Access subscription beginning Monday, February 22:

  • Matador Jobs Pro – DaXtra Extension
  • Matador Jobs Pro – Contact Forms

And So Much More!

Matador Jobs 3.7.0 includes over 300 developer commits with more than 60 bugfixes and new features, and several improvements to internationalization.

Matador Jobs has been tested and supports PHP versions 5.6 to 7.4 and WordPress versions 4.7 to 5.6, though we strongly recommend users always run the most up-to-date PHP and WordPress versions available to them.

We highly recommend our users install updates first onto a staging or development environment to ensure there are no conflicts with your theme, other plugins, or server environment before updating your main website.

Matador Jobs 3.7.0 will be released for automatic update to subscribers on Thursday, February 18th. If your subscription is expired, renew it on your account page. Subscribers who would like an advance copy of Matador Jobs 3.7.0 prior to Thursday 2/18 can request a copy via our support form.