Matador is still new to scene, even though we are growing fast and serving many many new clients every month. While it represents years of things we’ve learned by working with countless clients using WordPress and Bullhorn, if there is one key thing we’ve learned: everyone uses Bullhorn differently.

Note: this page is for general feature requests. There is a special page for new XML feeds for the Job Feeds Extension. Please go there if your inquiry is about a new XML feed.

Does Matador Already Do It?

Often, when someone comes to us with a request, it can already be done. Sometimes, it’s as simple as showing them a setting in the settings panel. Sometimes it’s showing them the All-Access Extension we build to do it. Other times we point out one of the hooks and actions you can use to do it.

Matador has nearly 500 hooks or actions, which are like USB ports on your computer, except for software. Using the hooks and actions, a lot of crazy things can be done. For example, using a filter, a user could determine if a job has fewer than 200 words in the description, skip importing it, and send an email to sales manager to “write a more robust job description”.

If your feature request or need can already done, we will show you how.

New Features & New Extensions

Sometimes however, you bring to our attention something that can’t be done. Provided it is not a bug, which we will fix as quickly as possible for you, we will evaluate your request on the following points:

  • Is this something that can be done within the boundaries of the Bullhorn API and/or tools that are available to us?
  • Is this something that we could see at least 20% of our clients one day wanting?

If the answer to both is “yes” we will “bless” the feature request and add it to our to-do list. There are two to-do lists. If we think it would benefit at least 50% of our users and is closely related to our core mission, we will add it to the core feature list to be included in an upcoming release of Matador Jobs Pro. If we think it will benefit fewer than 50% of our users and/or is related to our core mission only in a cursory way, we’ll add it to a to-do list for a new all-access extension.


Once something is on our to-do list, that doesn’t mean it is coming right away. We prioritize items based on a number of factors, but always put security, accessibility, and stability at the top of the list. We also follow semantic versioning, which means that features come out with full releases which are more spaced apart.

Sponsoring a Feature/Extension

If there is a feature we’ve blessed that you really want and don’t want to wait, you can sponsor it. In that case, we will split the cost of development of the feature and include it first in a special pre-release for you then in the next regular release for everyone else. You will agree to sponsor 1/2 of the cost of development, which we will estimate for you ahead of time.

Customization/Custom Extension

That said, if your idea is something you really want but we don’t feel it is something many of users will want, you can opt to hire us to develop a customization or custom extension for your needs. We’ve helped a number of clients do unique things leveraging Bullhorn and Matador Jobs. Contact us for a quote.

Exception to the Above: New Action/Filter

We believe Matador is and should be easy to use and customize by any skilled WordPress developer. If you’re a developer trying to do something and can’t because we aren’t providing you an action or filter in the right place, let us know. Though, in a way, actions and filters are like new features, we will include a new action or filter on our next patch release just for you, provided we don’t find the request to be exploitable or risky for the customer’s Bullhorn data.

Let’s Talk

Contact us below to discuss your feature request!

  • What should we call the feature?
  • How may we help you? Please provide as many details as possible.