Users of the Matador Jobs Pro XML Feeds All-Access Extension can request new feeds using the following form.

Some XML Feeds Added for No Cost

In some cases, we will add an XML Feed for no cost, provided the following:

  • The aggregator accepts a job feed. Some don’t.
  • The aggregator accepts a job feed in XML format. The plugin doesn’t currently generate JSON feeds, though this is on the roadmap.
  • The aggregator consumes the job feed with no additional interaction required.
  • The aggregator’s audience is sufficiently wide. Small-market feeds are something we can do, but perhaps not for no cost to you. We provide free feeds for the purpose of deepening our impact for all our clients, and small market feeds don’t accomplish that goal.
  • The aggregator has well documented feed and a testing tool, or you have a business relationship with the aggregator and can secure Matador access to a technical specialist at their organization who can provide documentation and testing support.

To restate, if the feed you would like added reasonably satisfies those criteria, we will add the feed to the Matador Jobs Pro XML Feeds Extension for no cost.

We generally require 2 business days to build the feed, which can take longer if validation feedback is slow. The work is scheduled immediately following our agreement that the feed request meets these requirements, but work may not start for up to two weeks.

To repeat: while we are excited to offer this free new feed service to our users, it requires you do legwork to help us do this efficiently. We will reject requests where there is not yet a relationship with the aggregator’s technical team.

Please also be prepared for the event the aggregator’s technology stack is more complicated than a simple feed, which would require a further investment to ensure a complete integration.

Custom XML Feeds

Often in the case of small audience feeds, you can ask us to produce a custom feed for a small cost of approximately 2-4 hours at our standard development rate.

Custom Integration Extensions

As we implied toward the end of the section on free XML feeds, sometimes a technology stack at an aggregator is more than a simple feed. A classic example is LinkedIn, which accepts an XML feed but must receive an API ping when a new job is added. We currently are unable to support LinkedIn for this and other complexity-related reasons.

If the communication with an aggregator requires this more complex integration, we will separately discuss with you the development of a solution appropriate for their parameters.

Let’s Talk

Contact us below to discuss your XML Feeds request.

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