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Matador Jobs is a tool that uses your Bullhorn data to create an interactive, custom job board on your WordPress-powered company website.

Access and present any job or candidate field via Bullhorn’s private API, accept applications from candidates, and present your jobs with full search engine optimization including optimization for Google for Jobs search.

Matador works automatically behind-the-scenes to update your site so you only need to worry about managing your data in one place: on Bullhorn.


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What our clients say. . .

“Exactly what I needed to make our site how I wanted it .. and all in-house”

What do you like best?

We didn’t love the functionality or design of Bullhorn’s own “open source career portal”, and our website runs on WordPress – so Matador is exactly what I needed.

Matador integrates with Bullhorn to publish jobs and allow candidates to apply, but because it runs in WordPress I was able to control the look-and-feel of the job board, and the candidate experience. With a bit of WordPress, we were able to do everything in-house – and leverage the incredible wealth of plugins and resources out there for WordPress.

Matador runs nicely in the back, making a better candidate application process and I can take care of the front end design.

What do you dislike?

This might be a pro or con (depending on how you look at it) but it’s pretty generic out of the box. It works well, we’ve done a lot of customization to get it where we wanted it & tailor it specifically to our needs.

Recommendations to others considering the product

If you are working in WordPress – this is a no-brainer.

What business problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

Not having to hire an outside developer or manage a career portal outside our main site has saved significant resources (both time and money); I’m already dealing with WordPress and so I’m very happy not to have to manage yet another system (or hire a developer if we want to make simple changes) The applicant experience is consistent with the rest of our site and our brand.

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Scott R
The Ian Martin Group

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