They were customers of Bullhorn, one of the world’s biggest and best tools for running their business as professional recruiters, and they came to us, asking for help.  We were WordPress experts, each with years of development on one of the world’s best publishing platforms. They needed a way to integrate the powerful tools and data they have at Bullhorn with their beautiful WordPress powered sites. We said, “maybe we can help”. And so we did.

It was in 2014 that we both began our careers as matadors, heroes to our customers, writing code to wrangle their Bullhorn. These beginnings were on our own, yet we built software that was strangely similar. We both wrote code that did about the same thing, but in slightly different ways. Sometimes our projects would have features the others’ didn’t. We don’t know exactly when, but along the way, we became aware of each other, and might’ve even been inspired by the others’ work to borrow an idea or two… maybe. Finally in summer of 2017, after admiring each other from afar for far too long, we connected!

If you’ve been around the WordPress community, you’ll know we are a friendly bunch, but Jeremy and Paul had even more in common, years of building software for clients that use Bullhorn. We expressed how we respected each other’s approach with our Bullhorn solutions, and quickly decided that we just had to team up. By joining forces, we could accomplish so much more for our clients. So we spent the summer rebuilding–from scratch–a new WordPress plugin that would reflect our combined 6+ years of experience in Bullhorn and our 20+ years of experience with WordPress. Matador was the result.

Matador Software, LLC, is a collaboration of Paul Bearne, of Ontario, Canada, and Jeremy Scott, of Arizona, United States, and we’re here because we’re ready to run with the bulls. Let us tame yours.

Paul and Jeremy, Matador Jobs, at Engage Boston 2019
Paul and Jeremy manning the Matador Jobs stand at the Bullhorn Engage conference