Today, February 22, 2021 we release version 1.0.0 of our newest Matador Jobs Pro All-Access Extension: DaXtra. It is available for immediate download by our All-Access Subscribers on its extension page (requires a logged in user to see download button).

What is DaXtra Technologies?

DaXtra Technologies is another Bullhorn Marketplace Partner like Matador Jobs and they provide a number of extremely powerful tools to help recruiting agencies and HR departments find and place talent. Their tools include three that we’ve been able to integrate onto Matador Jobs powered job board marketing sites. They are:

  • DaXtra Apply
  • DaXtra Match
  • DaXtra Capture

In order to use this Extension, active subscriptions in the various DaXtra services is required. Good news though, you can pick-and-choose which features you need; use one or all!

Extension Features

The key features of the extension are:

  • Replace the Matador resume upload with a new resume upload that accepts inputs from not only the local device, but also Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox. This will improve response rates from mobile device users. (Requires DaXtra Apply)
  • Submitted resumes are parsed and the application form is automatically filled out with data from the parsed resume. This is excellent for sites with longer application forms! (Requires DaXtra Apply)
  • Either via an application form or widget/shortcode, once a user has parsed as resume, they can get recommendations for other jobs based on their resume! (Requires DaXtra Apply & DaXtra Match)
  • Instead of directly submitted applications to Bullhorn, submit them to DaXtra Capture for advanced parsing and AI-based processing to create Applicant data with more detail than ever before (Requires DaXtra Capture)

Learn more about the features with this helpful video!

Matador Jobs Pro DaXtra Extension Features

Get It Now!

Matador Jobs Pro DaXtra Extension is ready for download and installation now! Visit its extension page for more information and to download (log in to see download button).

Matador Jobs Pro DaXtra Extension has been tested and supports PHP versions 7.1 to 7.4 and WordPress versions 5.4 to 5.6, though we strongly recommend users always run the most up-to-date PHP and WordPress versions available to them. DaXtra features require active subscriptions with DaXtra Technologies.

Matador Jobs Pro DaXtra Extension requires an All-Access level subscription. If you don’t have a subscription, sign up now, or if you need to upgrade, you can do so on your account page. If you’d like a demo of Matador Jobs Pro or the DaXtra extension, request a demo. If you find any issues or need help setting it up, contact us via our support form.