Add DaXtra Technologies features to your Matador Jobs powered Bullhorn jobs website! DaXtra Recruitment Solutions provides subscribers with incredible tools to level-up their recruitment machine. Matador Jobs can now bring some of those tools to your applicants via this powerful new extension!

DaXtra Extension Features

The Matador Jobs DaXtra Extension includes several great features separated into three groups. Each group requires an associated subscription with DaXtra.

  • “DaXtra Apply With” Features (Requires DaXtra Apply With)
    • Replace resume upload application field with multi-service cloud resume upload from local device, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive.
    • Autofill Application Form from Resume Data
  • “DaXtra Match” Features (Requires DaXtra Match and DaXtra Apply With)
    • Upload copy of published Bullhorn job data to DaXtra
    • After submitting resume via “Apply With” application and/or “Match” boxes, users are presented related jobs based on their resume.
  • “DaXtra Capture” Features (Requires DaXtra Capture)
    • Don’t save applications to Bullhorn, instead sends applications to DaXtra Capture service for enhanced processing and eventual submission into Bullhorn. DaXtra Capture service’s enhanced resume processing is best in the industry and tags candidates with relevant skills, industries, and fills out fields the Bullhorn resume processor Matador uses isn’t able to fill out.

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