Today we are releasing Matador Jobs 3.6.3 containing an handful of bug fixes and improvements.


This release two feature refinements to compliment existing items. In general, we do not include completely new features in a “hotfix” release, but will refine existing behaviors if prudent.

  • The “Sync This Job” button will now be automatically removed from sites that deploy the developer filters that disable sync from updating jobs.
  • Matador will now check for the “ALLOW_PRIVATE” entitlement prior to skipping a “Private Candidate”. Prior to this, site operators could programmatically tell their Matador install that their API user had the “ALLOW_PRIVATE” entitlement but now Matador can detect that automatically.


This hotfix release includes a handful of fixes for bugs we’ve encountered recently as we deploy and distribute Matador to users worldwide.

  • The “Sync This Job” button will now always override the cached job data with Bullhorn data. Not technically a bug, this button used to not sync a job if the job had not been updated on Bullhorn. While this was working per our intent, users understood the button to also be a resource to correct local changes by refreshing Bullhorn data. The button will now always overwrite data with the data from Bullhorn.
  • We improved the “error” handling when “ALLOW_PRIVATE” is false.
  • We fixed an issue with how Matador loaded a 3rd party library which affected some web servers, including Windows-based web hosts.
  • We fixed an issue where the Consent Tab’s object name wasn’t being properly autodetected on some user’s sites.
  • We fixed two very uncommon issues that affected form fields dynamically created by the Advanced Applications Extension caused by a mismatch of data typing when converting Bullhorn’s JSON-based data into a PHP array.
  • We fixed a typo in a settings option label.

Get Your Update Now

As always, our users with an active Support and Updates license with their site activated will be able to receive updates automatically. We recommend you keep Matdaor up to date to support all of our ongoing bugfixes and feature releases.