We are receiving widespread reports from our users who also use the Bullhorn Indeed Syndication tool that an update or change to that tool has affected their installs.

We do not work directly with that team either at Bullhorn or Indeed, but through our users we have been involved with several support tickets that are getting people back up and running.

You need to have a “constant URL” base with a “dynamic” portion for ID. If “constant” and “dynamic” in the same sentence is confusing to you; it is to us too. The good news is that we already support this for all our users on at least Matador 3.6.0.

Your “constant” URL is the portion of a job URL before the “name” of the job. The “dynamic” part is the name replaced with the Bullhorn Job ID. Click through to any single job’s page. The URL might look like this:


Which means Bullhorn will need to use this URL for Indeed syndication:


Please note, the exact URLs for your site will depend on your settings. Some people use “gigs” or “opportunities” or “search-jobs” instead of “jobs”, for example.

You will need to ask Bullhorn to update your Indeed “constant” URL.

We hope this is helpful.