UPDATE: The Matador Jobs team resolved “Issue 2” with Matador Jobs 3.6.4 release. Please update. Any jobs still affected by Issue 2 can be resolved by republishing those jobs in Bullhorn.

We are receiving widespread reports from our users who also use the Bullhorn Indeed Syndication (“Also Publish on Indeed”) tool that an update or change to that tool has affected their workflows.

There are two known issues, and one has a fix, while the other does not, however, we have recommended work-arounds.

Issue 1: Job URLs

Part one of this issue lies in that the Bullhorn Indeed Syndication service reports a URL for each job to Indeed. This is so that a job seeker can click on the job on Indeed and be directed back to a place you can apply.

Since our users want users to come to their website, this URL needs to direct them back to their Matador Jobs powered website. So, we’ve been instructing users to contact Bullhorn and ask them to update their Indeed Feed job URL.

You need to have a “constant URL” base with a “dynamic” portion for ID. If “constant” and “dynamic” in the same sentence is confusing to you; it is to us too. The good news is that we introduced support this for all our users on at Matador 3.6.0 in middle June of this year.

Your “constant” URL is the portion of a job URL before the “name” of the job. The “dynamic” part is the name replaced with the Bullhorn Job ID. Click through to any single job’s page. The URL might look like this:


Which means Bullhorn will need to use this URL for Indeed syndication:


Please note, the exact URLs for your site will depend on your settings. Some people use “gigs” or “opportunities” or “search-jobs” instead of “jobs”, for example.

Issue 2: The Race

So say you’ve done this first step… awesome! Ideally, the problem is solved, right? Well, no, because another issue is being reported by users, and this is that newly published jobs are being immediately “expired” by Indeed.

We currently do not know the cause of this second issue, but think it may be the result of a race condition, a type of computer bug where things must happen in sequence for a desired outcome and something occurs out of sequence. We are working with our partners at Bullhorn and, through them, with contacts at Indeed to understand this issue and develop a solution.

In the meantime, we have some work-arounds.

Issue 2 Work-Around 1: Republish

A solution we’ve found with help from Bullhorn support is that republishing a job causes Indeed to show the job as “active”.

Issue 2 Work-Around 2: Alternate Feed

Matador Jobs Pro All-Access users have access to the XML Feeds extension. Prior the Bullhorn Indeed Syndication tool, our users would publish to Indeed via this extension. Until a solution for the larger issue can be found, the XML Feeds extension works to provide an alternate path for job data to be read by Indeed.

Since the XML Feeds extension is part of All-Access, Pro users typically do not have access to it, but upon request, we will provide you the extension and enable it for your account until a better solution can be found.

We Will Keep You Posted

As we continue to work with our partners at Bullhorn and contacts at Indeed on this issue, we will find a solution and immediately provide it to you.

Thanks for your understanding and patience.