Today we release Matador Jobs 3.6.4. While it contains a few bug fixes and a new developer filter, most importantly, it upgrades a feature to solve an issue occurring at the intersection of the Bullhorn’s Indeed Syndication and Matador.


This hot fix release contains one upgraded feature and one new developer filter.

  • Upgrade to handling of ID-based alternate URL structure to prevent 404: Not Found errors when a job is not yet synced. For more information on this patch, read our Developer Commentary on the topic.
  • New filter to extend allowed protocols on imported job descriptions. Users who wish to serve images via the data:// protocol are blocked from doing so by WordPress. This is for site security reasons. To bypass this security, users could use a global developer filter. With 3.6.4, users can now use the filter 'matador_the_jobs_description_allowed_protocols' to bypass this security only for imported job descriptions, minimizing the associated risk.


This hot fix release also includes a handful of minor bug fixes.

  • Fixed an error affecting the Employment Type mapping in Structured Job Data, which was resulting in some jobs on Google for Jobs not showing with the right employment type.
  • Fixed a backward compatibility with PHP 5.6, the programming language WordPress and Matador Jobs is built with. Please note, while we still extend support PHP 5.6, new features will favor the least supported version of PHP, currently PHP 7.3.
  • Fixed an issue causing Javascript errors in iOS Safari.
  • Fixed an issue causing some Bullhorn calls to fail in extremely specific server configurations due to an extraneous forward slash.

Get Your Update Now

As always, our users with an active Support and Updates license with their site activated will receive this update automatically. We recommend you keep Matdaor up to date to support all of our ongoing bugfixes and feature releases.