While, Matador is about connecting your Bullhorn account to your website, some users want to then connect their website to other systems too. You can do that with the Jobs XLM Feeds Matador Extension for All-Access subscribers.

What it Does

Upon installing the Jobs XLM Fees All-Access Extension, Matador will begin generating a number of special pages on your site formatted as XML. XML is a type of web document that describes data clearly for use by external aggregators–in our case, external job board platforms. We currently create these feeds for the following platforms:

  • Indeed
  • ZipRecruiter
  • Monster
  • JobBird
  • Jooble
  • Generic XML (to Indeed format)

We also support a generic RSS format for users to access in creating their own aggregators.


Setup is easy. Once downloaded and installed onto your site, you can access your feeds with no further setup by going to https://your-website.com/jobs-slug/ and adding your feed name to the end of the URL. Example: https://your-website.com/jobs-slug/feed creates an Indeed-style feed, while https://your-website.com/jobs-slug/zipr shows the ZipRecruiter-style feed.

Add utm_* variables to your feed url and Matador will automatically append those to your job URLs. This helps you track traffic from aggregators like Indeed and Zip. Example: https://your-website.com/jobs-slug/zipr?utm_source=Zip_Recruiter&utm_medium=Feed&utm_campaign=AggregatorReferral. If your webhost’s caching layer doesn’t allow utm_* variables to the PHP layer, omit the “utm_” part and Matador will do the rest. Note: Some aggregators may add their own utm_* variables including ones that overwrite yours.

Need More Feeds?

Don’t see a feed you’re looking for? Qualifying feeds can be added for no additional cost while non-qualifying feeds can be created for you at a minimal additional cost. Learn more.