Today we are releasing Matador Jobs release 3.5.3. It contains a handful of bugfixes and internationalization changes to improve your Matador-powered website.

New “Feature”

While we follow semantic versioning, in a round-about-way, this release contains a new, backward compatible feature.

In version 3.4.0, we included a chunk of code designed to support more and more customizable form fields using our Advanced Applications extension, specifically form fields that in Bullhorn represent “to many” data types, like Candidate Categories or Skills.

Up to that point, no one was using it, so we didn’t have any real-world test cases for it, so we reserved our announcement until that happened. Since the 3.4.0 release, we had an opportunity with two clients to test it and they found a few bugs that were fixed in this release.

With those bug fixes, we can feel more confident in supporting a wider group of users, so we are making known the feature is now in “beta”. Like I said, its new a “round-about way”; its a feature that was technically already in the code, needed some bug fixes, and now is widely known.

If you are an All-Access subscriber and want help adding questions like “what of our business sectors would you categorize yourself into”, reach out to us.

Bugs Squashed:

  • We added error handling for the event where a candidate with “Private” status could not be modified by Matador. It still can’t, but now the candidate sync won’t fail. Let us know if you use Private status on candidates, and we’ll help you work with Bullhorn to enable API-management of private candidates.
  • When the Matador Application is generated dynamically, like by Javascript, there was an error that could be caused by passing the Bullhorn Job ID but not the WordPress Job ID. Now either one or both will work.
  • We found and fixed an error related to recruiter notification emails, where the email would fail to send if certain settings combination were right.
  • We were notified on an error by Eric C of Visual Notion where multiple taxonomy terms, comma separated passed into the shortcode would not show jobs from all categories even though the same behavior worked when passed into a search form or via URL. We fixed that. Thanks Eric!

Other Notable Changes:

  • We made a number of updates related Internationalization. Specifically we fixed issues causing four text strings to be not translatable and updated several translations in our Dutch language pack based on feedback from our users.