In the summer of 2018, we needed to update our website, which required a complete redesign and a more efficient and effective way to display our jobs.

Although our jobs are posted through many different career boards, it was important for us to house and allow candidates a portal within our own domain. Since we use Bullhorn CRM, it was important for us to find a way that we could pull data from our jobs in the system and display them on the website. It became apparent that there was a lack of options in this department that would connect with WordPress.

We found the Career Portal plugin, but after installing, the plugin didn’t give us the full array of options that we needed. I stumbled across what looked to be the only other option, Matador jobs. We needed something that would fully integrate with Bullhorn, and Matador had all of the features we required, and some we did not know that we needed.

The ability to apply for jobs on our website and have a Bullhorn profile built for candidates saves recruiters time from having to parse resumes into the system manually. Using Matador has saved on time and given new life to our job board. The feature set is extensive and the integration is seamless.

If you require help in the setup process, the support team is there to work through issues (whether they need to screen share, pop into the debugging console, or provide written documentation to help).

There have been several occasions where we have expanded the scope of what we are doing on the website (partly based on the fact that we have a stable and substantial job search), and the team has been invaluable in making our vision a reality. Paul and Jeremy have both been incredibly helpful, responsive, quick and have implemented new features based on our needs as a client.

If you are looking for a way to utilize your instance of Bullhorn with WordPress, Matador is an incredible value with individualized support and ongoing updates.

MOUNTAIN, LTD. – Telecom Engineering Services & Jobs

Matthew Leavitt
Marketing & IT Manager