About 2 years back, we were looking for a packaged solution to manage our job integration with the Bullhorn ATS.  We had already built out a customized career site connecting to the Bullhorn API. 

But, the integration was messy and we didn’t want to continue to having a 3rd party developer support the integration.  I was referred over to check out Paul’s plug-in for Bullhorn. 

He had the right solution for us in that his plug-in was developed for WordPress and meshed in perfectly with our site.  Additionally, once I discussed with him what we wanted to do, he created more substantial upgrades to the plug-in so we could have a stand-alone solution for our careers page which has quite a bit of complexity to it. 

As time has gone on, Paul has accommodated our requests for further customizations of the Matador tool and it has been great working with Paul & Jeremy.

Tim Glennie
Managing Partner