Import & Display Jobs

Matador comes stock with powerful features to import, display, and organize your jobs for your jobseeker clients. It also comes with best-in-class search engine optimizations, including built-in support of Google Jobs Search.

  • Lite

    Imports Jobs from Bullhorn

    Imports your jobs to your website and caches a copy, so they show even when Bullhorn is offline.

  • Lite

    Powerful Searches

    Site visitors can search jobs by title, job description, salary, category, industry, city, state or province, and more! Users can narrow found jobs by any enabled category.

  • Lite

    Search Engine Optimization

    Each job has a unique URL, and each job page is structured to give search engines the most information to help your job seekers find your job offerings.

  • Lite

    Google Jobs Search

    We've optimized each job page with the secret sauce that makes your site ready to take advantage of Google's new Job Search feature. Get your site on their platform as it goes live.

  • Pro

    All Fields Supported

    By default, we fetch all standard job fields, but if your business needs take advantage of any of Bullhorn's custom fields, don't worry, we support those too!

  • All Access

    Add-on Plugins

    Access to ALL the add-on plugins so you can customize the data we fetch and the candidate fields returned to bullhorn.

Accept Applications (PRO & All Access)

What good are your jobs on your website if jobseeker clients can't apply to your jobs? Matador comes with powerful, customizable application processing out of the box.

  • Pro

    Show Applications Where You Want

    Add a job application in a pop-up, after the job description, or on its own page.

  • Pro

    Applicants Added To Bullhorn

    When your applicants apply, their data is added to Bullhorn as a new applicant. When they apply to specific jobs, they'll be added to that job's record as a respondant.

  • Pro

    Applicants Are Cached Locally Too

    Don't lose your candidate data when Bullhorn is down! All candidate data is saved on your site until you delete it.

  • Pro

    Accept Applications & Cover Letters Too

    Your application form can accept cover letters and resumes/curriculum vitae too. When turned on, resumes are parsed by Bullhorn before creating each candidate's record. We gracefully handle poorly formatted resumes/CVs as well.

  • Pro

    Fully Customizable Application Form

    Choose from 20+ application form fields, including helpful shortcuts, select what should or shouldn't be required, and order the fields in any way you'd like!

  • All Access

    Custom Application Fields

    Our default form includes 20+ fields for your application, but if you need more with our PRO All Candidate Fields add-on you can map any candidate field in Bullhorn to an application form input.

Customize Look & Feel

If you just wanted to point job seekers to a list of jobs, then you would be using Bullhorn's iFrame, wouldn't you? But you want to make your site look awesome, and Matador can do that.

  • Lite

    Works with Most Stock Themes

    We included minimal design to ensure that Matador, out of the box, adopts the design features of your theme, including font family and color, size, and buttons.

  • Lite

    Powerful Shortcodes

    Matador includes 7 powerful shortcodes to let you customize the look and feel of Matador without being an expert designer.

  • Lite

    Hooks and Filters

    Slightly more advanced developers will love the 300+ hooks and filters we provide that let you customize Matador to the nth degree.

  • Lite

    Templates for Ultimate Control

    All of Matador's front-end is built into templates that you can easily override in your theme.

  • Lite

    30+ Easy-to-Use Template Functions

    Fully custom designs need powerful tools

  • Pro

    Matador Devs Standing By

    Need help making Matador look just right? We are available for limited design consultations.