This Plugin is part of the Pro bundle

When installed you can display a form to allow users to signup to a MailChimp email list and select which categories of jobs that wish to receive an email when as a new job is added to the site.

When you install it you will need to get an API key and add it to the settings page.

Once you have linked to MailChimp You can see the settings for the ShortCode and Application form 

For the application Form, you can select the MailChimp list to use and set the text shown next to the checkbox

Use this setting panel to configure the category sign up form

You can select which Matador Categories you which to use to create the Groups in MailChimp.

And show a ALL option if you wish

The Form for the sign up is available via this shortcode


you will get form link this.

You might want to wrap the form into a popup and hide and show via button