reCAPTCHA by Google hotfix 1.0.1

Today, a minor release for the Matador Jobs Pro reCAPTCHA by Google extension was released to fix an issue discovered following its release.

We determined that the reCAPTCHA form element would load even if reCAPTCHA was disabled either programmatically or manually by the site operator. When displayed in this state, the reCAPTCHA field would not be validated, so this wasn’t a bug that interrupted users from submitting applications.

Site operators with Matador Jobs Pro will be presented with an upgrade notice and those with a valid Matador Jobs All-Access license will be able to download the update automatically from your WordPress Admin Plugins page. You may also download the most recent update from the extensions page (requires a login to access downloads).

Matador Jobs 3.3.1 and reCAPTCHA by Google Extension

The Matador team is working hard, and just two weeks since our previous major release (which itself was only two weeks from its predecessor), we are proud to bring you the release of Matador Jobs 3.3.1 and announce the release of our newest All-Access Add-On: reCAPTCHA by Google.

I’m going to try to simplify our release announcements for our general audience and leave the more technical details for you to catch in the changelog from here out. These release posts will highlight important new features or bug fixes but try to keep more minor and especially developer-focused changes in the background. So, lets dive in!

Matador Jobs 3.3.1

3.3.1’s new features are centered around two key areas of Matador: the application and the shortcodes. One is a core feature of Matador, the other how you make Matador look right for your company and brand.

Around the Application, we first added an Anti-Spam technique referred to as a “honeypot”. This technique greatly reduces, but does not eliminate, spam while avoiding the use of CAPTCHAs that can be tough on users with poor sight. Second, to greatly reduce duplicate submissions, we added a behavior that disables duplicate submissions altogether while also adding a visual “processing” cue for the user to let them know what is going on.

Our [matador_taxonomy] shortcode and its shortcuts including [matador_categories], etc, now accept new parameters to modify the sorting of the taxonomy’s terms (aka categories) and an option to show taxonomies that have no jobs in them (we hide empty taxonomies by default). The [matador_search] taxonomy also got an optional reset button, which can be added to the search form by including ‘reset’ in the ‘fields’ parameter. 

3.3.1 includes 6 bugfixes including one that fixes the bug that cause all job application confirmations to be also sent to the site administrator email. 3.3.1 includes 1 UI and 1 Accessibility related changes, as well 11 ‘developer’ changes that update templates, filters, and actions to make it easier to customize Matador for your site.

Edit to original post: Following the release of 3.3.1, an issue was encountered when preparing our release of Matador Jobs Lite for’s Plugin Repository. Also, we identified one additional issue that shipped with the release. These two items were addressed and included in hotfix 3.3.2 less than 18 hours after the initial release of 3.3.1.

We are still hard at work at fixing our known issues we discussed in the 3.2.0 release, but unfortunately are unable to address those with this release. We have some solutions in the works, but as they represent major changes in behavior, we are being extra careful to not rush their release. We also received a bug report the day before this release that demonstrated conditions that may cause pagination to not work when using the shortcode instead of a Post Type Archive template. Our goal is fix all of these issues in the next few weeks.

All changes in this release are described in full detail in the changelog section of the Matador readme.txt. I will not be including full changelogs in release announcements moving forward.

reCAPTCHA by Google Extension

Form security is a big deal for many site operators. While I personally prefer a more friendly user experience without a form CAPTCHA, Paul feels they work too good and has them installed all over this site.

It is my hope that anti-spam measures in 3.3.1 will be perfect for many of our users, but sometimes that extra layer of security is preferred. So if the Anti-Spam behaviors added in 3.3.1 aren’t enough for you or if you want even more security, we are excited to announce the new Matador Jobs Pro Extension: reCAPTCHA by Google.

A Matador-powered application with reCAPTCHA

Its works pretty simply… right before the end of your form is a reCAPTCHA by Google box, and users are prompted to click “I’m not a robot”. Then some magic juice runs to make sure the user isn’t a robot, and a checkbox appears.

For more about this Extension and, if you’re an All-Access subscriber, download it for your site, visit the Extension’s page.

Matador Jobs release 3.2.1

A minor bugfix update to address an issue discovered resulting in Candidate records not saving custom application field data.

The Matador Jobs team discovered a minor, but nevertheless, troublesome bug that affected how non-standard application form data is handled. The issue was likely unintentionally introduced during work on application form handling for 3.1.0, specifically adjustments related to handling privacy policy acceptance, and we’re glad to restore Matador to its intended behavior.



  • Modified how “Notes” items are labeled when saved from an Application. Now should use the registered field’s label instead of a label generated from the form field key.


  • Fixed an issue discovered that caused “Messages” and custom fields to not be saved to the Bullhorn “Notes” for the candidate.

Matador Jobs release 3.2.0

Hot on the heels of release 3.1.0 not even two weeks ago, we are again updating Matador, and this time, again, its a “major” release. Lets dive into what this release includes!

We are trying hard to settle into a predictable release pattern for you. While we aren’t following it to the letter, we are trying our best to use Semantic Versioning for Matador core and extension releases. So when we added functions intended for public use, our minor release became a major one.

That said, don’t let the “major” release tag fool you, 3.2.0 is mostly a minor bugfix release that includes one qualifying change to make it seem bigger than it is. That is a set of new public functions around making it easier for developers who integrate Matador into your theme to access Job Listing taxonomy terms. For example, the categories or industries from the job, or the skills required.

In the bug fix realm, where most of our heavy lifting occurred, we fixed 14 bugs that were discovered since 3.1.0 and 2 that we had carry over from before 3.1.0, for a total of 16. The two biggest bugfixes were around a conflict caused when another plugin loaded the same vendor library as us and one around candidate and recruiter email notifications not sending out.

We also got to take a pass at some UI improvements, and you’ll see a few refinements in the Settings, including another occurrence of the Bullhorn bull to make it clear when Matador actions including reaching out to Bullhorn. We also added new help text and relabeled an option so that it made its consequence on your workflow more clear.

Full changelog is below, but before we go, I want to make clear that we are aware two more high-priority issues that we are actively working on as we speak:

First up, is for clients with many jobs (in excess of 250), we are finding that Matador may timeout when the user conducts a manual sync. This timeout is actually a 100% user interface issue, as the sync continues until it finishes, but its not a good experience for the user. It also cause a user to “try again”, which may result in two syncs running at the same time. This can cause jobs to be duplicated in Matador depending on when these two syncs are run. We have a solution, but its still in development.

Second up, is one around Structured data and Google for Jobs optimization. We recently learned that Google “doesn’t like” it when we delete a job that has been closed from your site. We know our optimization for Google for Jobs is a huge benefit to your sites, so the last thing we want is for Google to be unhappy about this. Their guidance recommends we leave an “artifact” in place so that job seekers finding your job board through Google for Jobs won’t encounter a 404. This artifact will provide dialogue that the position has been closed, and direct users to search for other jobs inside your site. We are working on an update to Matador that creates this behavior, and should release it side-by-side our solution for the first mentioned ongoing issue.

3.2.0 Changelog:


  • New Template Helper matador_get_job_terms for getting a array of terms from 1 or all Matador taxonomies.
  • New Template Helper matador_get_job_terms_list for getting a formatted string of terms from a job’s taxonomy in various formats. Uses a new template ‘job-terms-list.php’ and introduces 6 new actions (matador_job_terms_list_before, matador_job_terms_list_before_terms, matador_job_terms_list_before_each, matador_job_terms_list_after_each,matador_job_terms_list_after_terms, and matador_job_terms_list_after) plus one new filter (matador_job_terms_list_separator ) to support customization.
  • Added filter ‘matador_bullhorn_source_description’ to allow users to customize how Matador lists the “Source” of the job submission.
  • Added filter ‘matador_recruiter_email_subject_no_title’ to allow for adjusting of subject sent to recruiter if not linked to a job.
  • Improved the behavior of matador_is_current_term() to also return true when on a taxonomy archive page.
  • New Template file for Admin Notifications when Bullhorn Connection needs user intervention.


  • Fixed a major issue where certain candidate and recruiter notifications were not being sent when they should’ve.
  • Added code to prevent conflicts when a vendor library is loaded by another plugin or theme after Matador loads. This changes makes existing conflict prevention methods more robust and fool-proof.
  • Fixed bug where, when called directly, matador_the_job_field could throw an error if certain optional arguments were not passed.
  • Fixed a bug where, in the default jobs-taxonomies-lists.php template, a class for the term markup was being made with the title and not slug, creating invalid HTML and not useful classes.
  • Fixed a bug where, in Settings, a checkbox type settings wouldn’t save when all checkboxes are unchecked.
  • Fixed a bug where, when both a Candidate and Recruiter email were being sent, the Recruiter email listed the job applied for twice.

User Interface:

  • Added the Bullhorn Bull icon to the “Manual Sync” button in settings, providing a visual cue to users that this action communicates with Bullhorn.
  • Removed check marks next to checkboxes. Because that didn’t make any sense.
  • Revised wording around the “Classify Applicants” setting and added a long description explaining its impact on a Candidate and Job Submission, hoping to add further clarity to how the setting affects the workflow of various users’ firms.


  • Added a (hopefully temporary) advisory to the Authorize step of the Connection Assistant to warn users of a known issue when logging in for the first time. In the future, we hope to resolve this issue with our Bullhorn partners.
  • Moved templates for emails from /templates/ into /templates/emails. Renamed the templates. Some clients with customized email templates may want to double check if this impacted them, but given these templates were only available for all for less than two weeks, we feel safe making this adjustment now.
  • Refined error logging messages during certain Bullhorn login attempts.
  • Fixed spelling error on an Application Form Field
  • Fixed spelling/grammar errors & formatting in Readme

Matador Jobs 3.1.0 and more!

The Matador Jobs teams is excited to simultaneously announce a major update to Matador Jobs Pro, the official release of Matador Jobs Lite, and first release of eight new Matador Jos Pro Extensions… all at once!

Friday, June 8th was an exciting day for the Matador Jobs team! After weeks of tinkering, testing, and bug fixing, we both gave our thumbs up for the biggest release of Matador Jobs yet. And now I get to share it with you all! This release has 3 exciting parts: a major point release for Matador Jobs Pro to version 3.1.0, the official release of Matador Jobs Lite on, and the initial release of our first 8 Pro Extensions.

Matador Jobs Pro 3.1.0

Lets start with Matador Jobs Pro 3.1.0. We designed this release around improvements to these major areas of Matador: privacy settings/regulation compliance, greater flexibility with structured data creation/presentation, administrator user interface improvements, improvements to the connection tool, and more.

With the implementation of the GDPR in Europe and its implications for website operators worldwide, we studied and considered how Matador might be affected. Unfortunately, since Matador relies on two other software projects which we don’t have control over, we had to wait on both WordPress and Bullhorn to complete their GDPR updates as well. WordPress released their update (4.9.6) in the 2nd week of May and Bullhorn is releasing its updates as we speak and through the end of June. We are not done with our GDPR and overall user privacy and security, but we’ve released tools to aid in compliance. Notably:

  • Settings were added to allow Administrators to add consent fields to all forms.
  • Settings were added to force the erase of local candidate data once its been used to create a Bullhorn candidate; leaving an operator with only a single data source should they be asked to export/erase data.

Matador Jobs’ SEO tools, including and especially structured data, is one feature that sets it apart from others. In fact, our support for structured data–required for Google for Jobs, has resulted in incredible traffic increases for new Matador installs. A client last week installed Matador and set it up but didn’t switch their “Job Opportunities” link to Matador’s pages yet. They woke up the next day to 35 applications! Google scraped their site overnight and the results were unexpected… and awesome. We’ve added some settings to support common user needs related to structured jobs:

  • Ability to show/hide pay rate data from structured data.
  • Ability to set the “Hiring Organization” to either the company (in Bullhorn) or the agency.
  • Ability to turn off structured data; preferred option for internal job boards for companies.

When we made Matador, we envisioned a system where you could be completely hands-off with your website: let Matador handle updating your website for you. In our first six months, we found some of users like spending time in WordPress too. So we added some hopefully useful ways to make that experience better:

  • Adds a button to sync jobs from the Job Listings page.
  • Adds a button to link from the Matador Job listing to the Bullhorn Job page.
  • Adds a link to the Candidate created by Matador from the local application object (provided you don’t auto-delete with the new privacy setting).

Matador Job’s connection tool is part of what makes it so easy to set up. We made some updates to make it even easier.

  • Now will check that the ClientID is a valid ClientID with Bullhorn
  • Now checks the RedirectURI is valid on every page load of the related step and/or the connection doctor, adds a reload button to make it easier to force re-check when the check is invalid, which fixed a bug caused by changing a site’s URL (transferring from live to staging) related to that.
  • Now checks that WordPress “Pretty Permalinks” are enabled before allowing you to connect to Bullhorn; redirects are required.
  • Added a “Skip Assistant” wizard for advanced users to save time during install.

The following other new features to Matador don’t fit a category, but are still awesome:

  • Reworked how Settings actions are handled in a way that sped up Matador admin pages by 2x on average and 3x on save settings.
  • In what had to be the most requested feature since launch, we are excited to announce that email notifications can no be sent directly to recruiters who are designated as “Job Owners” and “Assigned Users”, based on settings.
  • The “Job Owner” and “Assigned User” names are now included, also, as part of the job’s data and available in fields for presentation in the theme if desired.

The full release notes, below, outline other bug fixes, smaller features, and more. Check them out below.

Please note: this update will not install automatically for users of Pro and All-Access like prior updates. The plugin folder name must change to prevent conflicts with our release of Matador Jobs Lite. Because we promised automatic upgrades, we will perform this manual upgrade for no cost if desired. All Pro and All-Access users will be contacted these next few days to coordinate the upgrade. 

Matador Jobs Lite 3.1.0

Many of you (so far) have found us through our work on the free plugin. When we released 3.0.0 in January, we know We delayed for nearly 6 months updating that plugin because we know some of the updates from the old version would break some of your website. It was a unwanted but necessary evil, and we felt only a very long sunset window would be acceptable. That sunset window ended on June 1. We sincerely apologize if your upgrade required some user intervention, but we hope you enjoy the new features and stability in Matador Jobs Lite that our Pro and All-Access users have been enjoying since January!

Following this announcement, Matador Jobs Pro and Matador Jobs Lite will be updated in parallel and will rarely be announced separately.

The First 8 All Access Extensions for Self-Download and Install

Jeremy and Paul worked for 3 years each building sites for Bullhorn users, and if we learned anything from those experiences, we learned that each Bullhorn user is unique. Matador Jobs was built this assumption: if we think 50% or more of our users will need a feature, build it. That said, up to 49% of our users could be left out of features they need if we stopped there. So in addition to building in useful core features, we will build many extensions.

These extensions will serve to expand or improve the experience. Some we will build based on popular demand, others based on partnerships with others in the industry, and some will be built if a user wishes to sponsor it. Without further ado, our first 8 All-Access Plugins:

  • Jobs’ Required Skills
  • Jobs’ Required Certifications
  • Jobs’ Required Specialties
  • Jobs’ Business Sectors/Industries
  • Leads and Referrals
  • Import Jobs By Company
  • Mailchimp Job Alert Emails
  • WordPress Job Manager Integration

See all of them here! In the coming months, we have three more coming soon. They will be:

  • Candidate Export/Erasure
  • Apply by LinkedIn
  • Advanced Applications

We love making Matador for you all. We can’t wait to keep making awesome new updates to support you now and in the future.

Matador Jobs minor release 3.0.5

Today, Matador Jobs received a minor version update to address issues around required form fields and connectivity with Bullhorn. Update your plugins to get the most up-to-date Matador experience.

We’ve been updating Matador at a quick pace, but other than fixing a minor issue here or there, we are going to slow down and begin work on our first major version update after this one. So we wanted to make sure that this (planned) last minor release of the 3.0 line was awesome. We spent a lot of time improving connectivity and the application form for this update, and we hope you find the updates useful!

Release Notes:

  • Feature: Ability to disable SSL verification for sites with self-signed SSL
  • Feature: Added filter to modify the “WHERE” clause in Bullhorn Job Queries
  • Enhancement: Better Errors and Logging around auto reconnect.
  • Enhancement: Better Logging Messages around Application Sync to Bullhorn.
  • Enhancement: a browser-side form validator was added for the Application Form. All fields set to “required” will be validated now.
  • Enhancement: On the application, file type form fields, when included in the shortcode or via the default form defined in the settings, will now be a required field by default. You can still make the field optional with the shortcode, a direct function call, or a filter.
  • Enhancement: Refactored the Jobs Output function into two parts to allow for alternate processing possibilities.
  • Bugfix/Feature: Matador now processes resumes into HTML (instead of text) to support new Bullhorn’s new NOVO User Interface candidate screens (that prefer HTML)
  • Bugfix: Fixed incorrectly named actions in default Matador taxonomies template.
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue for users that upgraded from a 2.x.x version of Matador Jobs Lite caused by client corporation ID’s being set when they shouldn’t (Client Corporation settings were removed to an add on, mostly because it was rarely used and confusing. Contact us if you are legacy user that needs that feature).

Matador Jobs minor release 3.0.3

Today, Matador Jobs received a minor version update to address a few issues and add our first translation. Update your plugins to get the most up-to-date Matador experience.

Another week and another several new websites have been launched with Matador. One client purchased Matador just last Wednesday and went live for his client on Thursday with a fully custom UI. This makes us very proud and proves that we accomplished our goal to create an easy to extend and easy customize plugin! Anyway, we once again have addressed a few issues this week as well as added our first translation and packed them up as Matador 3.0.3.

Release Notes:

  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue where the “Published – Submitted” option in the import settings wasn’t working. Thanks to Lee for helping us figure it out.
  • Bugfix: Fixed a persistent issue related to a 3.0.2 bugfix for template helpers related to job meta. Thanks to Andre for pointing this out.
  • Enhancement: Added more allowed html tags from the job description import, including: the <h1> through <h6> and the various list item tags. Thanks to Lee for requesting this feature!
  • Enhancement: Added basic sorting functionality to the job listings, including new settings options, extendable via filters. Thanks to Kelly and Andre for requesting this feature!
  • Internationalization: A partial translation of Matador to Dutch was added to the languages directory. Thanks to Caroleine for putting in the work!

Matador Jobs minor release 3.0.2

Today, Matador Jobs received a minor version update to address a few issues and add our first translation. Update your plugins to get the most up-to-date Matador experience.

Another week and another several new websites have been launched with Matador. One client purchased Matador just last Wednesday and went live for his client on Thursday with a fully custom UI. This makes us very proud and proves that we accomplished our goal to create an easy to extend and easy customize plugin! Anyway, we once again have addressed a few issues this week as well as added our first translation and packed them up as Matador 3.0.3.

Release Notes:

  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue where the “Published – Submitted” option in the import settings wasn’t working. Thanks to Lee for helping us figure it out.
  • Bugfix: Fixed a persistent issue related to a 3.0.2 bugfix for template helpers related to job meta. Thanks to Andre for pointing this out.
  • Enhancement: Added more allowed html tags from the job description import, including: the <h1> through <h6> and the various list item tags. Thanks to Lee for requesting this feature!
  • Enhancement: Added basic sorting functionality to the job listings, including new settings options, extendable via filters. Thanks to Kelly and Andre for requesting this feature!
  • Internationalization: A partial translation of Matador to Dutch was added to the languages directory. Thanks to Caroleine for putting in the work!

Matador Jobs Development Roadmap

Matador’s developer Jeremy discusses the short-term development goals for Matador Jobs and its extensions now that we’re officially launched.

Matador Job’s launch this month is the result 7 months of concentrated work by the Matador team as well as the culmination of nearly three and a half year of custom development on the Bullhorn platform by both developers. We feel we put important features into Matador at launch and are proud of our initial release, but we are enthusiastic about continuing development on the project and bringing even more features to Matador in the future. As we continue to nurture Matador post-launch, we have many goals for the future of the project, and we’d love to share our thoughts with you all.

Please note, projecting timelines for software development is an imperfect art. This is a statement of goals, not a promise of delivery. Timelines will shift forward or backward, and features may or may not make it into a specific release. Until we formally announce a release, the following are just goals, not promises.

Everyday: Bug Fixes and Documentation

While we’ve launched what we believe is the best, most stable, most fully-featured WordPress and Bullhorn integration, it will only take a handful of you getting it out in the real world to exceed the sum of all our tests over the last seven months. An always-present goal of ours will be to ensure Matador works the best it can, so if you find a big, we are committed to fixing them as fast as possible. If you find something not working right, file a support request as soon as you can.

Also, Matador is built to be customizable and extensible, but right now, our documentation is sparse on those details. A goal of ours now and moving forward is to always be improving our documentation. You can help us do this by asking lots of questions and even submitted Github gists to our team for examples. Got a question? File a support request.

Near Future: Easier Extensions

Matador Jobs Pro plans include access to our Pro Extensions, but its not exactly easy to get them and install them right now. Our biggest development goal beyond bug fixes at this time is making finding and installing extensions easier for our Matador Jobs Pro clients.

2-4 Months from Now: GDPR Compliance and GDPR Extension

The European Union’s upcoming implementation of GDPR (the General Data Protection Regulation) will put important rules in place on site operators that store customer information. We want to make sure that your use of Matador in the EU is compliant.

As it stands now, Matador Jobs Lite (free on the plugin repo) does not store information about site visitors, and therefore will already be GDPR compliant.

When you upgrade to Matador Jobs Premium or Pro, an option can be set to store applicant data locally, which is recommended to enable for faster application processing and data duplication, but thus qualifies as stored data covered by the GDPR. In order for our Premium and Pro users to be compliant with GDPR while using that setting, we add some features that will need to be enabled in the settings screen. This will be completed ahead of the May 25th deadline and provided in a regular update to all active subscriptions.

Further, we are developing a new Pro Extension that will use the Bullhorn API to help your company become GDRP-compliant when it comes to data it is storing on Bullhorn about clients. We are working with our European users to develop this tool and don’t have a lot of details to share at this time. Our goal is to also have this available by the May 25th deadline and downloadable by all Matador Jobs Pro subscribers.

3-6 Months from Now: WordPress “Gutenberg” Editor Support and Job/Applicant User Interface

WordPress is working on a major update that will include the code-named “project Gutenberg” changes to the post editor. It is a pretty awesome project that will make writing and editing content on your WordPress site more streamlined and intuitive. If you’re a current user of Matador, you’ll note that our Job Listing and Applicant admin areas are somewhat boring, and we agree, but we purposely decided to wait to flesh it out until we have more clarity on the “Gutenberg” project. As WordPress gets closer to its next major release that will include “Gutenberg”, our admin user interface for Job Listings and Applicants will improve to not only be easier to use and more intuitive, but also support the new “Gutenberg” features. These changes will be for all Matador Jobs users, including Lite users.

4-8 Months from Now: Recruiter Support (Pro Extension)

A common feature request from past clients of our custom Bullhorn integrations is recruiter support. We understand that some candidates develop rapport with specific recruiters (especially in higher-turnover industries) and like to follow their recruiter’s offering, while some Bullhorn companies are heavily segmented by recruiter and want their site to sort and display jobs with more emphasis on the recruiter. The need to have recruiter-related features in a Matador-powered site is something some of our users really want or need. Those users, provided they are Matador Jobs Pro subscribers, can look forward to a new Recruiter-related Pro Extension sometime later this year. If you’re one of those firms that need these futures and are already a Pro Subscriber, file a support request asking to be added to the Recruiter Support beta test when we open it up.

To Infinity and Beyond

Beyond those four goals, we have a long list of more things we plan to add to Matador either as a Pro Add-ons or included in the core packages, including easier to customize forms, integrations with other job-seeking tools like LinkedIn and Indeed, and more. We will do our best to keep the pace of Matador moving at breakneck speed, but you can help speed up that pace in several ways:

  • Talk to us. We value your input. Whether coming to us as user feedback or as a feature request, we listen, and will ultimately shape our development goals around our users’ needs; after all, that is why we made Matador in the first place.
  • Subscribe to Matador Jobs Premium, especially if you’re a user of Matador Jobs Lite. Matador Jobs is a project of two full-time WordPress developers, but until we have many subscribing users, it won’t fully replace our regular work. In the meanwhile, we’ll divide our time between Matador and other client work. The more people who sign up for Premium and Pro, the more time we’ll be able to focus on Matador, speeding up its development for all.
  • Sponsor Development of a feature or add-on. If your company needs something that isn’t included yet in Matador or something we plan to do but not right away, file a support ticket and explain that you can’t wait. If we feel your requested feature is something that belongs in Matador or available as an extension, we may make arrangements for you to “sponsor” the development at a reduced custom-development cost and move it to front of the line. Requests that don’t fit the long-term development goals of Matador will be subject to the full custom development and integration service.