Upgrading to 3.5.6

With the release of Matador Jobs 3.0.0, all job descriptions automatically were given a set of buttons added after the description to assist users in getting to the application form or back to the list of jobs. In the 3.3.0 release of Matador Jobs, we added the “Job Info” header feature, and also included it before all descriptions.

We later came to realize that we had done something confusing. The Job Navigation and Job Info were also being added to the description being created by the public developer functions matador_the_job_description() and matador_get_the_job_description().

If you set up your Matador using shortcodes or allowed its default behavior to determine its look and feel, you may not know that we created a number of functions that developers can use to build unique templates for your jobs.

The purpose of the two job description related functions, as implied by their name and as described in the developer’s documentation, is to either output or save to a variable for manipulation the job description. So it didn’t make sense that that function was also getting the job info and job navigation buttons.

We initially chalked this up as a mistake and left it as is. We feared that fixing it would risk breaking too many sites of our users. We had a work around documented to help users who had trouble with the unexpected, buggy behavior. After a convincing conversation with a developer using Matador, however, we now determined that this needs to be fixed, even if a few sites might need an adjustment.

Therefore, with 3.5.6, the matador_the_job_description() and matador_get_the_job_description() functions will now no longer include the Job Info or Job Navigation sections and will work as implied, described, and expected. If you’ve built your site around this improper functionality that is being adjusted, you may need to update your site.

To ensure no sites are broken until they can adjust for the change, we built an upgrade process, which we hope is how you got to this documentation page.

Review Your Pages as Logged In User

As the upgrade page says, the change will not take affect until you allow it to. That said, if you visit your site as a logged in administrator, the update is available for preview.

So, it is helpful to open your site in two browser windows. In one, visit is as a logged in administrator user. In another, preferrably incognito window, visit the site when not logged in. On both windows, review the pages where jobs appear, including the jobs list, the job categories page, and finally the single job page.

If they are the same, you can safely apply the upgrade. If they are not the same, you will need to make some minor changes to your theme files to ensure the site does not appear different after you apply the upgrade.

A Simple Fix: Add Info and Navigation via Their Functions

The fix for this will be add the matador_job_info() and matador_job_navigation() functions before and after the matador_job_description() function, as demonstrated in this code snippet.

Because the backward-incompatible change removes the Job Info and Job Navigation before and after the description when called by the Job Description function, simply adding the separate info and navigation functions before and after the job description functions will ensure the behavior is unchanged.

Complete Matador Upgrade

Once you’ve verified that either your site is not affected by this change and/or you’ve made updates to your theme to account for the changes, go your WordPress admin area, then Matador Jobs, then Upgrade, and “Complete Upgrade.” This will apply the changes to the code for all users.

Do not complete the upgrade until you’ve verified your site looks the same for both a logged in administrator and regular user.

3.7.0 Release Countdown

The Matador Jobs 3.7.0 release will automatically apply this update. This release is expected 3rd quarter 2020.

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