Overriding Matador Templates

Whenever Matador outputs HTML, typically via the shortcodes but also by filtering WP’s the_content filter, we use one of our templates. To make creating your own site easy, we’ve made it easy to override our templates in one of two ways.

To override a theme template via the matador folder in your theme:

  • Go to the plugin’s directory and navigate to the matador-plugin/templates directory.
  • Find the file you wish to override, and create a copy.
  • Create a folder in your theme’s or child theme’s directory root called matador.
  • If the template you’re overriding was in a subdirectory, create a matching subdirectory in your theme.
  • Paste a copy of the file.
  • Any changes made to the file in your theme will now show on your site.

To override a theme template via the matador_locate_template filter.

We also provide a filter that can be used to override template locations. Use with caution.