• as – ‘list’, ‘table’, ‘listing’, ‘select’ – default=listing
    • list – list of template
    • table – list of jobs one job per row as set by fields
    • listing – list of jobs with details as set by fields
    • select – a drop-down with the title of jobs
  • fields – ‘title’, ‘date’, ‘content’, ‘category’, ‘location’, ‘link’, ‘apply’, any meta fields – default=’title, content’. May be passed with a pipe to change the header of a table. IE: fields=’title|Job Title,content|Job Description,apply|Apply Now’
  • location – ‘location string’
  • category – ‘job type’,
  • ‘content_limit’ – ‘excerpt’, ‘full’, (int) : number of letters to show (rounded down to full words) – default=240
  • Class: set the class using in the outer DIV – default=matador-jobs-shortcode
  • Search: search title and content
  • Selected: default select when as is set to select
  • paginate: show hide the page naviagation true to show(default) false to hide // added in 3.5.0
  • backfill: set a min number of jobs to show used when filtering on location/category
  • Min: Deprecated 3.5.0, use ‘backfill’
  • jobs_to_show: max number of jobs to list on a page
  • Limit: Deprecated 3.5.0, use ‘jobs_to_show’

notes: This is context area and will try not show a job twice on a page


[matador_jobs as=listing fields=title,location,bullhorn_state,date,employmentType,bullhorn_job_id,content,apply,link]