Matador Caches Bullhorn Content

One thing sometimes misunderstood about Matador is that Matador is not always accessing your Bullhorn data. To ensure the absolute fastest page loads and to ensure that busier sites never meet or exceed daily API limits imposed by Bullhorn, we have designed Matador to only periodically access Bullhorn and download a copy, or cache, of your Bullhorn data, and use that copy to generate pages for your website visitors. Also, by doing things this way, we are able to generate additional features, like Google Jobs Search support, during the download and save, that we wouldn’t be able to do on-the-fly if loading data always directly from Bullhorn.

Matador refreshes its data on a regular schedule of approximately once per hour. The exact frequency of updates is decided by the WP Cron, and we explain how that works in another docs page. What this means is that a job created or closed after a regular sync but before the next one won’t immediately be added to the site. Instead, you’ll need to wait until the next regular sync occurs. If you need that job to show up right away, you can force a manual sync to override the schedule. If you are sure your business needs require a different frequency, you can also customize the frequency of auto sync.

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