Job Listings

In this section, you can control which jobs we get from Bullhorn and store in WordPress.

Sort Listing –  This controls the default order Jobs are shown in for shortcodes and sets the order for the archive page.

Bullhorn Import

This section controls what we fetch from Bullhorn.

Description Field – Which of the two field in the Bullhorn CMS do you want to use to create the Job details? Only select “Public Description” if you use this in Bullhorn. Otherwise you will get an empty job description.

Client Corporation – If you wish only to sync jobs from a comma separated list of corporate Bullhorn IDs. Normally not used.  We recommend that you make sure that you are syncing jobs before you set this as this often results in NO jobs been pulled.

Published Status to Import – Determines which level of “publishing” a job must have to be imported. It is recommended to use only “Published — Approved”, but you may set more general rules. Caution using “All Jobs”, as this can potentially import jobs before they’re still in draft.

Automatically Sync Jobs – If you wish to have Matador Jobs check every hour for changes in Jobs in Bullhorn, you need to set this on.

URL Slugs

This section allows you to control the URL pattern for your website. The defaults are prefixed with matador- so you may want to change them.

Job URL Slug – This is the root of the job URL section. The default is

Setting it to “cool-jobs” will change it to

Job Category URL Slug,
Job Specialties URL Slug,
Job Skills URL Slug,
Job Location URL Slug 
– These control the Taxonomy URLs

The default for category (the others work the same) is

Setting it to “cool- categories” will change it to categories.

Pro tip: If you set these slugs and the new URLs don’t work, try re-saving the permalinks in the settings.