Hook Guide

When Matador Jobs Pro launched, we had over 100 actions and over 180 filters. In our first year, we added nearly 100 more. This gives developers many ways to customize the experience of Matador Jobs for their or their clients’ sites.

If you’re not familiar with using hooks for actions and filters, check out this article on WordPress.org that explains how they work and how to use them. (Don’t be fooled by the name, while the article is called “Plugin API”, the actions/filters are the core concept of the article and can and are used in theme development too.)

We have made great effort to document hooks and filters in the source as we created and update Matador Jobs and its Extensions. If you’re looking to modify something, we encourage you to review our code and see if there is a hook you can use.

As we grow, we will carefully document on our website our actions and filters in due time.

Should you want to modify a variable with a filter or add an action somewhere that we haven’t yet set up, send us a message. We encourage all new hook requests and, as a rule, accept all reasonable requests.