Downloading Matador

The first step to installing your new copy of Matador is downloading it. Follow these steps to download Matador.

Log into your Account

Click on “Account” in the top menu of Then log in on the following page.

Your username and password is sent to you via email after your purchase is complete. If you forgot your username and password, you can click on “Lost Password?” to reclaim your login.

View “Details and Downloads” for your purchase

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll be redirected to your profile which will show you more about each of your purchases and access your downloads.

Click on “View Details and Downloads” to view the details of your purchase.

Download Your Copy of Matador Jobs

Scroll down below the order details to access your downloads. Click on the .ZIP file to download your package of Matador Jobs.

Clicking on the file will open your web browser’s download dialogue and give you an option on where to save the file to. Save it to a place where you know so you can access soon when installing Matador on your website.