Connecting to Bullhorn

This plugin is context aware and looks for other plugins with which it has the ability to integrate automatically, currently just the WP Job Manager Plugin. In this case, the settings are integrated with the supported plugin, i.e. as tabs under the WP Job Manager settings.

These screenshots are taken from the stand alone version – though the functionality is the same, the layout may be different when working with an integrated plugin.

The setting panel is the last menu option under Matador Jobs in the side menu.

To get updates and support, you will need to enter the license key you received when you purchased the Matador Jobs Pro plugin.


This first step in connecting with the Bullhorn API is to create a support ticket with Bullhorn or phone their support team to have your site whitelisted in their API settings and get the API keys if you don’t already have them.

You will need to give the the URL as shown in your settings page. It will be in the form of http(s):// 

Tip: As this can take a bit of time and effort to get sorted. If you are setting this up on a dev/staging site, have your production URL added at the same time. 

The first two items (Client ID and Secret Key) are required. The last two are optional – these are for the Username and Password for the API user. If these are provided, the plugin is able to attempt to reconnect automatically when/if the oAuth token gets out of sync.

Note: The API user is a special type of user that, when set up by Bullhorn support, uses a non-expiring password. However, if you manually reset the password, it will then revert to expiry mode. It should only be used for API connections.

Pick your Datacenter

Setting a Datacenter is optional but can help with response times.

Authorize the API connection

You will need to authorize with Bullhorn manually the first time. Once you have successfully authorized the sync button will be visible as below.

Clicking the Sync button will execute a manual sync of all jobs from Bullhorn to WordPress. The Matador plugin will attempt to sync jobs automatically every hour.