Changing the Frequency of Auto Sync

WARNING: We highly encourage to read the Understanding the WP Cron doc before making changes to your Auto Sync frequency. We highly discourage you from changing your frequency, for the following reasons:

  • You may hit the Bullhorn API rate limit, which could affect your site’s performance.
  • Each Bullhorn sync is a lot of work for your server. Your host could require you pay for a more powerful server if you do syncs too regularly.
  • Each Bullhorn sync slows down your site during its run. Your users get the best speed when Matador isn’t running a sync, so minimizing syncs is ideal.

If you’d like to change the frequency of the Matador Auto Sync, start by considering the frequency you’d like. WordPress comes pre-packaged with three frequencies:

  • Hourly
  • Twice Daily
  • Daily

Matador by default uses ‘hourly’, but firms that create jobs less frequently can reliably use twice daily or daily. If you’d like a frequency not listed, you’ll have to create one first. The code snippet below creates a frequency of ’15min’ and then that value is passed to Matador.

Note: Matador Software, LLC will not debug performance issues if your frequency is higher than once per hour. Make sure your site, server, and Bullhorn account can handle a more regular frequency prior to making a change.

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