In this section, you control the Application process

Use Matador Application Processing – enable/disable the Matador to Bullhorn Application Processing.

Submit Applicants to Bullhorn – Whether to have Matador attempt to submit your applicants to Bullhorn. Matador can submit candidates to Bullhorn as they apply or collect them and send them in regular batches (Pro). When sent in batches, users experience much quicker application processing. When sent immediately, you get applications right away, but users will experience longer delays during submission.

Application Method – Where would you like your visitors to access an application? You may add the application form to the bottom of the job description page, the plugin can generate an application page for you, or you can direct users to a custom WordPress page that you can use the [matador-application] or another plugin (link).

Confirmation Method – When a user completes an application, they will redirect to a confirmation and “thank you” screen. You can redirect users to the job detail page with the “thank you” added to the top, you may redirect users to an automatically generated confirmation page, or you can direct users to a custom WordPress page where you customize the message, look, and feel.

“Resume” or “CV” – What term should we use for the “Resume” document on the website.

Default Application Fields – The application fields we should display when the application is attached to the Job description and set as the default for the application shortcode. A simple filter added to your theme functions.php file can add more fields as well.

Classify Applications – how should label applications we upload to your Bullhorn account.

Prevent Duplicate Candidates – Should we check prior to creating a candidate record from an application, Matador will check your Bullhorn account for existing records with the matching email address and last name. When found, Matador will update that record with submitted information and apply the existing record for the job, preventing duplicate candidates. Turn off to create a new Bullhorn candidate for each application.

Use Resume Processor – Should use the Bullhorn CV parser to extract data from uploaded CV and use that data to fill in a field in Bullhorn. Note if the same data is in the Application from we demote the data from the CV to the secondary field. ie the application phone field becomes phone1 and a phone number found in the CV is set to phone2

Default “Job” to Apply To – this is the Bullhorn Job ID that when set we add candidate too if no Job Id is set as part of the application form