Add a logo to Google for Jobs listings

If you search for and find a job listing of yours on Google for Jobs, you may or may not see a logo. When you do not see a logo, in place of the logo, a colored square box featuring the first letter of your company will show in its place.

Examples of jobs with and without a company logo.

Here are ways you can get a logo to show on your jobs listings:

The Best Way: Organization JSON+LD

Unlike the structured data (JSON+LD) we create for each job listing, for great SEO your site should also have Organization JSON+LD with information about your company. This information has lots of SEO benefits, including being the primary source of data for Google to generate your company profile that appears to the left of the search results when directly searching for your company.

Example of a company card in Google search results.

When a job is added to Google for Jobs search, Google will find a logo for your site from the Organization structured data (JSON+LD). Most SEO plugins will do this for you, including WordPress’s most popular free SEO plugin, Yoast SEO.

When installing Yoast SEO to your site, you will have an option to run a configuration wizard. Don’t skip this step, because, as of version 10.0 in March 2019, the only way to set your Organizational data is to run (or re-run the configuration wizard).

During Yoast’s configuration wizard, you will be given the choice to set a company logo. This is the logo your jobs will inherit for Google for Jobs.

If you’ve already had jobs listed on Google for Jobs, it may take many days or even a few weeks for the logo to be added to them, but any new jobs should get a logo moving forward.

An Alternate Way: Filter Matador’s Job Structured Data

I can’t be more clear: you want to have your organization’s structured data set to get the best overall SEO for your site, but if you want to set a custom logo for your jobs or skip/don’t include organizational structured data, you can add a logo with a simple code snippet. Add this to code to your Matador Customization code file:

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