Today, Matador Jobs was updated to provide our users with a few minor updates and minor bug fixes in lieu of a major release which is coming very soon. Lets dive in to see what this includes!

Unlike a hotfix release, this minor release, while addressing some bugs, does not fix any bugs we determined to be “major” or “breaking”. That said, if you’ve encountered these, you might like to know these are exterminated:

  • A bug that caused some users’ admin sites to timeout during a user-initiated job sync is now fixed. This bug was more of a source of confusion than something that broke a site, though rarely a large job sync could be restarted by a panicked admin and accidentally create two copies of a job.
  • Some issues with the Matador default CSS for Applications were addressed. Many users, when customizing their sites, just fixed these not thinking they were even a bug, but our goal is to have a seamless out-of-the-box experience, and these display errors were getting in the way of that.
  • Some of our Lite users encountered an issue with the “Apply” button not linking properly to their application page. This is now fixed.

In addition to those bug fixes, we added some useful new features:

  • You can now filter the job title and description before its saved to the database using the matador_import_job_title and matador_import_job_description filters. This is helpful especially for appending or prepending data, adding images, etc.
  • You can now tell Matador to use a custom Bullhorn field for the job title or job description using the matador_import_job_title_field and matador_import_job_description_field filters. If your company chooses to use a custom text field for a “marketing job title” and use the job order title in a descriptive way, then you can do now do that.
  • Allowed HTML tags for a job are now expanded. Specifically, <video> and <img> tags are now allowed for import. For reference, when Matador imports a job description, that HTML is validated for your sites’ protection. In the past, the validation and sanitization was a little more restrictive by not allowing some HTML tags that we now flagged as “safe”.
  • Finally, we updated a UI element in Matador settings. It now looks like a toggle switch as opposed to an on or off checkbox. We hope this helps our users more clearly understand the impact of certain settings choices.

As I mentioned, we are continuing work on our next major release, which should continue to improve our interactions with Google for Jobs and improve our shortcode output. This update, we anticipate, in the next 3-5 weeks.

Matador Jobs Pro users can update their sites by going to WP Admin > Plugins starting now. Matador Jobs Lite users may need to wait a day or so while we push our updates to