Friday we released Matador Jobs 3.5.1, a patch/hotfix release to address a few issues found since 3.5.0’s release last week (or before) and add a new filter hook for increased customizability of Matador for our users.

New Features:

The sole new feature of this release was the addition of the new filter hook matador_data_source_status. This filter extends to the user the ability to change the status of the Candidate or the Job Submission created in Bullhorn from the default of either “New Lead” or “Submission” to any other value. Its second argument is $entity, and can be used to fine-tune your customization to either the candidate or submission objects.

Bugs Squashed:

  • We fixed an issue where, in certain versions of PHP, a namespacing error was causing an error message during job submission. Many of our users say multiple duplicate submissions, and this error may have caused user behavior to re-try.
  • We fixed an issue where the Candidate Traffic Source Tracking tool, which was extended for use with the Leads and Referrals All-Access Extension, was not properly referenced when creating new Leads objects.
  • We fixed an issue, introduced at the release of Matador Jobs 3.1.0 but only reported to us this week, where a recruiter email notification could fail when the WPJM Integration All-Access Extension is in use.
  • We fixed an issue, also created at Matador Jobs 3.0.0 release, where both the wrapper <div> and <form> element of the search form shared the same class name. We renamed the class for the containing <div>. This was a difficult bug fix to approach, because any of three logical approaches to fix it were all backward-incompatible. We encourage our users, upon upgrading to 3.5.1, to check the visual presentation of their search form, and if you notice a change, your CSS may need a simple change. If you need help, please let us know.