Today, Matador Jobs received a minor version update to address issues around required form fields and connectivity with Bullhorn. Update your plugins to get the most up-to-date Matador experience.

We’ve been updating Matador at a quick pace, but other than fixing a minor issue here or there, we are going to slow down and begin work on our first major version update after this one. So we wanted to make sure that this (planned) last minor release of the 3.0 line was awesome. We spent a lot of time improving connectivity and the application form for this update, and we hope you find the updates useful!

Release Notes:

  • Feature: Ability to disable SSL verification for sites with self-signed SSL
  • Feature: Added filter to modify the “WHERE” clause in Bullhorn Job Queries
  • Enhancement: Better Errors and Logging around auto reconnect.
  • Enhancement: Better Logging Messages around Application Sync to Bullhorn.
  • Enhancement: a browser-side form validator was added for the Application Form. All fields set to “required” will be validated now.
  • Enhancement: On the application, file type form fields, when included in the shortcode or via the default form defined in the settings, will now be a required field by default. You can still make the field optional with the shortcode, a direct function call, or a filter.
  • Enhancement: Refactored the Jobs Output function into two parts to allow for alternate processing possibilities.
  • Bugfix/Feature: Matador now processes resumes into HTML (instead of text) to support new Bullhorn’s new NOVO User Interface candidate screens (that prefer HTML)
  • Bugfix: Fixed incorrectly named actions in default Matador taxonomies template.
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue for users that upgraded from a 2.x.x version of Matador Jobs Lite caused by client corporation ID’s being set when they shouldn’t (Client Corporation settings were removed to an add on, mostly because it was rarely used and confusing. Contact us if you are legacy user that needs that feature).