This release is a maintenance release to support final features included in WordPress 5.0, 5.0.1 and 5.0.2, as well as fixes bugs.

  • Adjusted a few calls where wp_kses_post() was used when it wasn’t necessary. Backward incompatible changes to WordPress 5.0.1 required this.
  • Added filters matador_application_note_line_label and matador_application_note_line_item to modify how “note” lines are saved in the application.
  • Moved JSON_LD injection from above the Job markup and into the <head>. May also have fixed some JSON LD reading/saving issues with Google.
  • Added setting to allow an adi to define a page (ideally using shortcodes) as the jobs home page. Note: you cannot set the “Home” page as the jobs home page at this time without a possible issue around search results.
  • Added tools to support handling issues some of our users were experiencing with enabling Google Indexing API.
  • Update “tested up to” to 5.0.2