Today, Matador Jobs was updated to provide our users with a follow-up to last week’s critical update that addressed changes made at Bullhorn that caused Matador to not work as expected. This hotfix includes tools to support our users in ultimately recovering from the consequences of the bug.

  • Added a bulk Application Sync button to the applications view. Will re-try all failed applications from the issue addressed in 3.3.6 and any failed applications for the last two weeks.
  • Added a filter matador_application_batch_sync_allowed_statuses to allow you to extend the statuses included in a batch sync. This may come in handy in the future when we expand the statuses assigned to applications that fail.
  • Added a filter matador_application_batch_sync_duration to allow you to extend of duration applied in a batch sync. If, for example, you want to apply a batch sync to jobs older than two weeks, you can do this via this filter.
  • Fixed spelling/grammar error in the application processing overlay.
  • Added escaping functions to prevent errors encountered during an application sync when Matador checks for existing candidates. Candidates with names that included a single quotation mark/apostrophe caused the search to be badly formatted and thus present an error, which in turn caused the application sync to fail altogether.

Again, we know this issue caused many of you inconvenience. During Paul’s and my 4 years working with Bullhorn API’s, we’ve of course encountered times where a change at Bullhorn has interrupted our code. We’ve worked hard the last week since this bug was first reported to us to create a fix, first, and add tools to help you recover. We will continue to be focused on the stability of Matador our commitment to service to you, our users!