Today, Matador Jobs was updated to provide our users with a critical update that addresses changes made at Bullhorn that caused Matador to not work as expected. We highly recommend you complete this update as soon as possible.

  • Enabled sync re-try for applications with the status of “Unable to sync”.
  • Updated messaging around reasons that an application sync may fail.
  • Updated the way a Bullhorn request was being made that was causing it to fail after the September 2018 Bullhorn ATS
    software upgrades.
  • We are observing an issue on some Bullhorn users’ accounts where a Bullhorn resume parse may return a badly structured
    candidate object that later results in a failure when Matador tries to create a candidate with that object. We have
    included a temporary work-around until we can help our partners at Bullhorn resolve this issue.
  • Fixed an issue where a “Re-try Sync” routine on an application would result in an HTTP 430 error under certain caching

In addition to completing this update, we highly recommend you review your applications in Matador Jobs Pro and, where a failure occurred due to this issue, you should click on “Re-try Sync”.

We know this will cause many of you inconvenience. During Paul’s and my 4 years working with Bullhorn API’s, we’ve of course encountered times where a change at Bullhorn has interrupted our code. We’ve worked hard the last two days since this was first reported to us to create a fix. Even if you didn’t notice the problem, know that we were here doing our best to fix it as quickly as possible for you!