Today, Matador Jobs was updated to address a few minor and two major issues discovered during our customers’ use of Matador Jobs and its extensions. This hotfix release addresses only those issues while we continue work on the next major release of Matador.

This past week, Matador users helped us discover two issues that we determined require another hotfix release of Matador. To ensure your Matador-powered sites continue to run as smoothly as possible, we recommend our users log into their site and use the WordPress plugins page to update their version of Matador. Here is what’s inside:

First up, we addressed a bug that we believe is actually one we traced back to Bullhorn itself. While we wait for Bullhorn to fix the bug, we modified how Matador handles it. This bug is caused when certain candidate’s resumes are formatted in a way that causes Bullhorn’s resume parser, which Matador uses, to return a bad candidate object. Matador will now fail more gracefully when it encounters that issue. A future version of Matador will email the recruiter when a candidate cannot be synced due to this issue or one like it.

Second, we found an issue around 3.3.0’s new Anti-Spam Honeypot feature. It was using a function name that was protected by an earlier version of PHP (or that PHP says, you can’t name your function that!), and our development tools didn’t point it out to us. If your specific setup was affected by this, we are sincerely sorry! We renamed the function something else, fixing the error.

We also included updates that addressed six other minor issues that we had completed updates on. There were also some updates to the filters around the applicant and recruiter confirmation emails.