Today, a minor release for the Matador Jobs Pro and Matador Jobs Lite was released to fix an issue discovered this week, plus one more fix present since 3.1.0. This is a fully backward-compatible release and is a recommended update for all users.

What’s Inside

Matador 3.3.0 released necessary changes and enhancements to functionality around the matador_taxonomy() function and [matador_taxonomy] shortcode. One such adjustment made it more likely a site would continue working if javascript was disabled by users, but in this change, when a site operator had set up their site just right, there was a bug that caused some site operators’ sites to return no jobs in search results when their users submitted searches that did indeed match jobs. This hotfix release returns behavior to normal for those sites and any in the future who set up their search in that way.

The other bugfix included 3.3.3 addresses an issue discovered following release 3.1.0 where the “Sync Now” button that shows on the jobs page in the admin section would not show up if there were no jobs in the database. This is of course counter-productive, as the point of that button is to get jobs added to Matador! The button now properly appears on the page at all times.

You can update to Matador Jobs Pro 3.3.3 from the WordPress plugins page or by clicking on “Account” in the main menu and downloading it from your user page. Users of Matador Jobs Lite can update from the WordPress plugins page after our update applies on