The Matador team is working hard, and just two weeks since our previous major release (which itself was only two weeks from its predecessor), we are proud to bring you the release of Matador Jobs 3.3.1 and announce the release of our newest All-Access Add-On: reCAPTCHA by Google.

I’m going to try to simplify our release announcements for our general audience and leave the more technical details for you to catch in the changelog from here out. These release posts will highlight important new features or bug fixes but try to keep more minor and especially developer-focused changes in the background. So, lets dive in!

Matador Jobs 3.3.1

3.3.1’s new features are centered around two key areas of Matador: the application and the shortcodes. One is a core feature of Matador, the other how you make Matador look right for your company and brand.

Around the Application, we first added an Anti-Spam technique referred to as a “honeypot”. This technique greatly reduces, but does not eliminate, spam while avoiding the use of CAPTCHAs that can be tough on users with poor sight. Second, to greatly reduce duplicate submissions, we added a behavior that disables duplicate submissions altogether while also adding a visual “processing” cue for the user to let them know what is going on.

Our [matador_taxonomy] shortcode and its shortcuts including [matador_categories], etc, now accept new parameters to modify the sorting of the taxonomy’s terms (aka categories) and an option to show taxonomies that have no jobs in them (we hide empty taxonomies by default). The [matador_search] taxonomy also got an optional reset button, which can be added to the search form by including ‘reset’ in the ‘fields’ parameter. 

3.3.1 includes 6 bugfixes including one that fixes the bug that cause all job application confirmations to be also sent to the site administrator email. 3.3.1 includes 1 UI and 1 Accessibility related changes, as well 11 ‘developer’ changes that update templates, filters, and actions to make it easier to customize Matador for your site.

Edit to original post: Following the release of 3.3.1, an issue was encountered when preparing our release of Matador Jobs Lite for’s Plugin Repository. Also, we identified one additional issue that shipped with the release. These two items were addressed and included in hotfix 3.3.2 less than 18 hours after the initial release of 3.3.1.

We are still hard at work at fixing our known issues we discussed in the 3.2.0 release, but unfortunately are unable to address those with this release. We have some solutions in the works, but as they represent major changes in behavior, we are being extra careful to not rush their release. We also received a bug report the day before this release that demonstrated conditions that may cause pagination to not work when using the shortcode instead of a Post Type Archive template. Our goal is fix all of these issues in the next few weeks.

All changes in this release are described in full detail in the changelog section of the Matador readme.txt. I will not be including full changelogs in release announcements moving forward.

reCAPTCHA by Google Extension

Form security is a big deal for many site operators. While I personally prefer a more friendly user experience without a form CAPTCHA, Paul feels they work too good and has them installed all over this site.

It is my hope that anti-spam measures in 3.3.1 will be perfect for many of our users, but sometimes that extra layer of security is preferred. So if the Anti-Spam behaviors added in 3.3.1 aren’t enough for you or if you want even more security, we are excited to announce the new Matador Jobs Pro Extension: reCAPTCHA by Google.

A Matador-powered application with reCAPTCHA

Its works pretty simply… right before the end of your form is a reCAPTCHA by Google box, and users are prompted to click “I’m not a robot”. Then some magic juice runs to make sure the user isn’t a robot, and a checkbox appears.

For more about this Extension and, if you’re an All-Access subscriber, download it for your site, visit the Extension’s page.