The Matador Jobs teams is excited to simultaneously announce a major update to Matador Jobs Pro, the official release of Matador Jobs Lite, and first release of eight new Matador Jos Pro Extensions… all at once!

Friday, June 8th was an exciting day for the Matador Jobs team! After weeks of tinkering, testing, and bug fixing, we both gave our thumbs up for the biggest release of Matador Jobs yet. And now I get to share it with you all! This release has 3 exciting parts: a major point release for Matador Jobs Pro to version 3.1.0, the official release of Matador Jobs Lite on, and the initial release of our first 8 Pro Extensions.

Matador Jobs Pro 3.1.0

Lets start with Matador Jobs Pro 3.1.0. We designed this release around improvements to these major areas of Matador: privacy settings/regulation compliance, greater flexibility with structured data creation/presentation, administrator user interface improvements, improvements to the connection tool, and more.

With the implementation of the GDPR in Europe and its implications for website operators worldwide, we studied and considered how Matador might be affected. Unfortunately, since Matador relies on two other software projects which we don’t have control over, we had to wait on both WordPress and Bullhorn to complete their GDPR updates as well. WordPress released their update (4.9.6) in the 2nd week of May and Bullhorn is releasing its updates as we speak and through the end of June. We are not done with our GDPR and overall user privacy and security, but we’ve released tools to aid in compliance. Notably:

  • Settings were added to allow Administrators to add consent fields to all forms.
  • Settings were added to force the erase of local candidate data once its been used to create a Bullhorn candidate; leaving an operator with only a single data source should they be asked to export/erase data.

Matador Jobs’ SEO tools, including and especially structured data, is one feature that sets it apart from others. In fact, our support for structured data–required for Google for Jobs, has resulted in incredible traffic increases for new Matador installs. A client last week installed Matador and set it up but didn’t switch their “Job Opportunities” link to Matador’s pages yet. They woke up the next day to 35 applications! Google scraped their site overnight and the results were unexpected… and awesome. We’ve added some settings to support common user needs related to structured jobs:

  • Ability to show/hide pay rate data from structured data.
  • Ability to set the “Hiring Organization” to either the company (in Bullhorn) or the agency.
  • Ability to turn off structured data; preferred option for internal job boards for companies.

When we made Matador, we envisioned a system where you could be completely hands-off with your website: let Matador handle updating your website for you. In our first six months, we found some of users like spending time in WordPress too. So we added some hopefully useful ways to make that experience better:

  • Adds a button to sync jobs from the Job Listings page.
  • Adds a button to link from the Matador Job listing to the Bullhorn Job page.
  • Adds a link to the Candidate created by Matador from the local application object (provided you don’t auto-delete with the new privacy setting).

Matador Job’s connection tool is part of what makes it so easy to set up. We made some updates to make it even easier.

  • Now will check that the ClientID is a valid ClientID with Bullhorn
  • Now checks the RedirectURI is valid on every page load of the related step and/or the connection doctor, adds a reload button to make it easier to force re-check when the check is invalid, which fixed a bug caused by changing a site’s URL (transferring from live to staging) related to that.
  • Now checks that WordPress “Pretty Permalinks” are enabled before allowing you to connect to Bullhorn; redirects are required.
  • Added a “Skip Assistant” wizard for advanced users to save time during install.

The following other new features to Matador don’t fit a category, but are still awesome:

  • Reworked how Settings actions are handled in a way that sped up Matador admin pages by 2x on average and 3x on save settings.
  • In what had to be the most requested feature since launch, we are excited to announce that email notifications can no be sent directly to recruiters who are designated as “Job Owners” and “Assigned Users”, based on settings.
  • The “Job Owner” and “Assigned User” names are now included, also, as part of the job’s data and available in fields for presentation in the theme if desired.

The full release notes, below, outline other bug fixes, smaller features, and more. Check them out below.

Please note: this update will not install automatically for users of Pro and All-Access like prior updates. The plugin folder name must change to prevent conflicts with our release of Matador Jobs Lite. Because we promised automatic upgrades, we will perform this manual upgrade for no cost if desired. All Pro and All-Access users will be contacted these next few days to coordinate the upgrade. 

Matador Jobs Lite 3.1.0

Many of you (so far) have found us through our work on the free plugin. When we released 3.0.0 in January, we know We delayed for nearly 6 months updating that plugin because we know some of the updates from the old version would break some of your website. It was a unwanted but necessary evil, and we felt only a very long sunset window would be acceptable. That sunset window ended on June 1. We sincerely apologize if your upgrade required some user intervention, but we hope you enjoy the new features and stability in Matador Jobs Lite that our Pro and All-Access users have been enjoying since January!

Following this announcement, Matador Jobs Pro and Matador Jobs Lite will be updated in parallel and will rarely be announced separately.

The First 8 All Access Extensions for Self-Download and Install

Jeremy and Paul worked for 3 years each building sites for Bullhorn users, and if we learned anything from those experiences, we learned that each Bullhorn user is unique. Matador Jobs was built this assumption: if we think 50% or more of our users will need a feature, build it. That said, up to 49% of our users could be left out of features they need if we stopped there. So in addition to building in useful core features, we will build many extensions.

These extensions will serve to expand or improve the experience. Some we will build based on popular demand, others based on partnerships with others in the industry, and some will be built if a user wishes to sponsor it. Without further ado, our first 8 All-Access Plugins:

  • Jobs’ Required Skills
  • Jobs’ Required Certifications
  • Jobs’ Required Specialties
  • Jobs’ Business Sectors/Industries
  • Leads and Referrals
  • Import Jobs By Company
  • Mailchimp Job Alert Emails
  • WordPress Job Manager Integration

See all of them here! In the coming months, we have three more coming soon. They will be:

  • Candidate Export/Erasure
  • Apply by LinkedIn
  • Advanced Applications

We love making Matador for you all. We can’t wait to keep making awesome new updates to support you now and in the future.