If you’ve stumbled onto our site, it might be because we’re starting to talk about the upcoming release of Matador Jobs. Here is an update:

We’re so close to being done with Matador Jobs! Matador is designed to wrangle Bullhorn, integrating its powerful tools and data into beautiful WordPress powered sites. But those last little bits are taking time!

Right now, we are focused on a last-minute development of a connection assistant wizard and ensuring Matador’s various versions upgrade each other gracefully. We are super keen to make everything smooth, also, for all the users of the old Bullhorn Staffing and Recruitment Job Listing and CV/Resume Uploader for WordPress (wasn’t that a mouthful!) so when they transition to Matador Jobs, it will be smooth.

We believe that documentation is really important. We created around 300 hooks (actions and filters) for Matador, so another goal of ours is to get some of our gigantic plugin documented before launch. That said, it’s going to take us a long while to get it all documented.

We know how keen our existing subscribers are to access the new, more robust plugin and the additional functionality it offers. So we are beginning to make it available. Currently, the install and short-code instructions are in place. The additional documentation will be online as fast as we can get to it.

We are really proud of the code we have created and believe that it will provide a stable platform to integrate Bullhorn into WordPress. We are looking forward to seeing what you create with it!